convertMe App

convertMe is an application that will help you converting different units with just a click it is an easy, quick and fun way of doing it.
You will be able to convert units such as  area, bits & bytes, electric current, energy, force,  length  temperature, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume.

Temperature includes:
– Fahrenheit
– Celsius
– Kelvin
– Rankine
– Reaumure

Length includes:
– Kilometers
– Meters
– Miles
– Feet
– Inches
– Centimeters

Mass includes:
– Kilograms
– Pounds
– Grams
– Ounces

Time includes:
– Years
– Months
– Days
– Hours
– Minutes
– Seconds

Speed includes:
– Kilometers per hour
– Miles per hour
– Meters per second
– Feet per second

Volume includes:
– Liters
– Gallons
– Cubic meters
– Cubic centimeters

Link for downloading…


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